You Can Grow Greener

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The Capital Region Climate Readiness Collaborative cares about healthy living. 
Read these OutsideIN Capital Region tips:​

​Communicating Adaptation and Resiliency Fact Sheets:

Business Business

Make your business GREEN! Sacramento County has resources to help Sacramento County businesses "go green" at the Business Environmental Resources Center (BERC) on the Sacramento Area Sustainable Business page.

Clean Energy Financing - Pace Program available in unincorporated SacCounty and City of Citrus Heights for Homes and Businesses.

Waste and RecyclingWaste and Recycling

Recycling - Do you have questions about recycling or e-waste? Find out how and where to recycle everything from batteries, appliances, paint, tires, furniture and construction waste on the Sacramento County Waste Management and Recycling website. 

Paint - Get rid of left-over paint through the Waste Management and Recycling (WMR) PaintCare program at the North Area Recovery Station and the Kiefer Landfill.

Used Oil - Used motor oil, cooking oil and oil filters are collected curbside on the same day as mixed recycling for unincorporated Sacramento County residents. Or, all Sacramento County residents can bring used oil products to the Household Hazardous Facility.

Voters Have Green Options for Election Materials - Voters can also choose to ‘opt out’ of the paper version of the Sample Ballot Booklet they currently receive. By 'opting out’ of the mailed paper version, voters would still be able to view their voting materials online at the Voter Registration and Elections website.


SMUD Electric Vehicle Estimator - an online tool that helps you make informed decisions about buying an EV. Compare costs to buy and drive an EV, estimate the models' driving range, review potential environmental benefits, and learn about rebates and tax credits.  Visit the SMUD website.       

Regional Transit provides service throughout Sacramento County, including light rail, buses and shuttles. Find out more about service in your neighborhood and plan your trip on the Regional Transit website.

​Sacramento Transportation Management Association is an independent, non-profit membership association, representing 182 employers and helping commuters find alternatives to driving alone to work, such​ as van and carpooling. Visit the Sacramento Transportation Management Association website.

Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates works to improve the health and quality of life of residents of the greater Sacramento area by promoting bicycling for transportation and more and safer bicycle trips through education, community service and other charitable acts. Learn more about biking safety and opportunities in Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates website.

Walk Sacramento works to create “walkable” communities throughout the Sacramento metropolitan region and offers ideas on how to incorporate walking into your daily routine. Learn more by visiting the Walk Sacramento website.

Google your walk, bike or transit trip from Google Maps and find the safest and most efficient path for your next non-auto trip. Check out Google’s alternative maps.​


Clean Energy Financing - PACE Program available in unincorporated SacCounty and City of Citrus Heights for Homes and Businesses.

Fast Track House Plans for Energy Efficient Infill Homes - Increases development of vacant/underutilized sites in the unincorporated area. Plans are largely pre-approved by Sacramento County Building Division.​

Get paid to be energy efficient!

Energy Upgrade California is a one-stop-shop for home improvement projects that can lower your energy use, conserve water and natural resources, and make your home healthier and more comfortable. Use the Energy Upgrade California website to:

  • Plan your upgrade projects
  • Locate participating contractors
  • Find rebates and incentives

SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) is a community-owned electric utility serving Sacramento County and portions of Placer and Yolo Counties. SMUD provides customer rebates and low-cost financing for energy efficiency and solar energy projects. Visit the SMUD website for rebates and learn more energy saving tips.

PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) provides natural gas service to Sacramento County residents. They offer a number of rebates and financing programs.


Join the Regional Effort to Conserve Water - Every Drop Counts

River-Friendly Landscaping (RFL) is an environmentally friendly way of gardening. River-Friendly Landscaping practices are designed to help you create a healthy, beautiful, vibrant yard while conserving water, reducing yard waste, and preventing pollution of our air and local rivers.                 

Be Water Smart and the Blue Thumb program help residents and businesses to learn how to use water more efficiently and save money. View a comprehensive list of water-efficient project rebates available on the Be Water Smart website.

WaterSense has a comprehensive list of water-efficient products such as faucets, toilets and showerheads. Learn more at the WaterSense website.

Save Our Water is a statewide program to help Californians reduce everyday water use. Take an interactive house tour to investigate water saving opportunities in each area of your home on the Save Our Water website.

Sacramento County Water Agency offers rebates for efficient washing machines, toilets and even installation of a rain garden! Visit the Sacramento County Water Agency website for more information.

Agriculture and Open SpaceAgriculture and Open Space

Report Dangerous Abandoned Wells to the Sacramento County Abandoned Well Hotline: 916-875-8532, or email for help. Abandoned wells pose significant risks to groundwater quality and safety of people and animals. Learn more.     

Shop at a Farmers’ Market to buy fresh local produce and support Sacramento-area farmers. Find a certified farmers’ market near you.

Learn about Sacramento’s Rich Agricultural History that contributes $360 million to the local economy by visiting the Sacramento Farm Bureau website.

Enjoy Sacramento County’s Regional Parks and Open Space including the American River Parkway, Deer Creek Hills, and a number of golf courses. Learn more about what Sacramento has to offer on the Regional Parks website.