SacCounty Grows Greener Projects


Energy Efficient and LEED Certification for New County Buildings

Sacramento County has constructed new buildings that are extremely efficient to operate, consume far less energy and water, and save taxpayers money, several of which, also meet LEED silver+ certification by the US Green Building Council.

Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant

The Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant reduces our region’s dependence on groundwater and will help to preserve and sustain groundwater resources within the county. Additionally, LEED Gold certification was awarded for the plant’s administration/operations building. The noteworthy features of the plant include: innovative cooling system design that uses its treated water in a heat exchange process to temper the outside air for its building interiors; architectural design maximizes natural light with windows and sky lights; automated lighting control system reduces power consumption; reflective roof tile and painted asphalt were used to reduce the "heat island" effect caused by the main buildings and surrounding pavement; local and recycled construction materials were used where possible or practical and a significant amount of waste construction materials were recycled; low water use plumbing fixtures and landscaping were installed; stormwater basins were constructed to hold and treat runoff before it is discharged; and electric vehicle provisions have been made.​