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Green Fleet Sacramento County Toyota.jpgNumber one Government Green Fleet - Sacramento County was named the number one Government Green Fleet in North America for 2018 by 100 Best FleetsTM​​​.​​ The Government Green Fleet Award is open to all Federal, State and Local Government Fleets in North America. Evaluation standards for this award are divided ​into the following categories: fleet composition, fuel and emissions, policy and planning, fleet utilization, education, executive and employee involvement, and supporting programs. To see the complete list of winners, head over to 100 Best Fleets. Congratulations to the Fleet Division and Parking Enterprise team and everyone else who helped make this possible.​


Rid Your House of Hazardous Items – You may not realize it, but many household items, such as cooking oil, household cleaners, and partially-filled aerosol spray cans, are considered hazardous waste. Sacramento County’s Waste Management & Recycling has a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection facility at the North Area Recovery Station, and at the Kiefer Landfill there is a collection facility for Antifreeze, Batteries, Oil, and Paint (ABOP). These facilities are open several days per week to help you get rid of your hazardous materials properly.

PaintCans159x90.pngRecycle Left-Over Paint with PaintCare Program - Rather than letting leftover paint stack up in your garage, Sacramento County Waste Management and Recycling (WMR) will take your unused paint and recycle it – at no additional cost to you. Bring it to the North Area Recovery Station or the Kiefer Landfill. The paint will be recycled or repurposed, which is not only convenient, it's good for the environment. Now is a great time to dig through your garage or shed for old paint. Learn more about this program.

County’s Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - As part of the County’s green initiatives, electric vehicle (EV) charging Electric Vehicle Charging.jpgservices at its downtown & Branch Center parking lots continue to be provided at no cost to stimulate EV adoption in the region. Learn more about County EV charging stations on the General Services website. A fast-charge has been added to Sac Intl Airport in wait area for a fee.​

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