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Sacramento International Airport Food Waste Recycling

SMFFoodWasteRecyclingJacks.pngIn January 2015, the Sacramento International Airport (SMF) began a program to recycle food waste. In its first three years of this pre-consumer food waste diversion program at the SMF Terminal B, it has diverted more than 300 tons of food waste from landfills. The diverted food waste is recycled through anaerobic digestion into clean burning renewable compressed natural gas.

​Other SMF Waste and Recycling Projects

Taxiway Delta Rehabilitation Project

The Taxiway Delta was rehabilitated to improve its integrity and functionality from August 2016 - May 2017 to comply with FAA design standards.  Because asphalt is 100% recyclable, the 90,000 tons of asphalt that made up Taxiway Delta was recycled and used to repave/reconstruct the taxiway. Asphalt recycling keeps construction and demolition materials out of the landfill and reduces the consumption of natural resources. Check out these photos of existing pavement being grinded out; placement of the recycled asphalt; and the recycled asphalt being compacted to reconstruct the taxiway: